At Kids Corner, our dedicated and passionate staff are the heart of our educational community. Each member of our team is committed to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can thrive.

Elizabeth Phillips
Director & Founder

  Hi there, my name is Elizabeth Phillips, I am the Director here at Kids Corner Preschool & Daycare Center. My dream was to help and support young children grow and explore in their young lives. I feel that God has given me a wonderful gift for caring for the children who walk into my doors at my center.

     I am a wife and a mother to a beautiful girl who keeps me on my feet. When I am not at home, I am at my center, “my 2nd home.” I have over 15 years of hands-on experience working with children from newborn to 12 years old. I have my Degree in Education & and find joy in the little things like a child’s smile or a hug. I do my best to make every child feel special knowing that something as minor as a high five can go so far for a child striving for acceptance.

At Kids Corner Preschool & Daycare Center, our mission is to provide quality childcare for all families in the community in a warm, nurturing, loving and educational environment. All while meeting the needs of all families, we strive to offer every child a “bright beginning for a successful future.”

Adrian Bennett
Managing Partner & Founder

Hello, my name is Adrian and I am the co-founder of Kids Corner. My responsibilities include fostering team collaboration, and ensuring that we as a team deliver on our promises. My background is very different than many in education. After years of navigating the corporate world, I made the transformative decision to open a daycare, driven by a deep desire to create a nurturing and inclusive environment for children. As a dedicated father of a special needs child, adopted children, and a spirited three-year-old, I understand firsthand the challenges families face. My mission is to change the way daycare is operated by prioritizing compassion, individualized care, and inclusivity, ensuring every child feels valued and supported.

When I met Elizabeth, we both shared the same vision and that’s how our partnership came to.  Now we are again bridging our shared love for children and expanding to deliver on the initial goal that we set out to create, which was a completely different way to connect with children by offering a space where children are motivated to learn. 

Community is paramount to the success of children and I hope that Kids Corner can become a vital part of your community.  We understand it takes a village and hope you entrust us to be a part of yours.

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